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Hybrid Apron Feeder

With a low-profile loading deck and a completely modular design, the HAB Feeder provides an affordable solution for adjustable-rate feeding of abrasive materials, according to FLSmidth. The HAB Feeder is a robust,...

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Breaker Bar Maintenance and Repair

Stedman Machine Co.’s engineered jack screw wedge design on its Grand Slam horizontal shaft impactors simplifies breaker bar maintenance and repair. Streamlined breaker bar rotation or replacement minimizes downtime and...

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Truck-mounted Water Tank

Austin Engineering has commissioned the first of its locally manufactured high-performance, truck-mounted water tanks. The result of a significant redesign process, the new Stairway Access Tank (SAT) includes a number of...

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Submersible Pumps

Atlas Copco Power Technique recently introduced three new electric submersible pumps to the market. Designed specifically for drainage and sludge pumping applications are two sludge/trash pumps, the WEDA S30 and S60, in addition...

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Ventilation Controls

JENNMAR’s J-Panels are an economical solution for underground mine ventilation control and can be used in conjunction with J-SEAL or 1-Day J-SEAL, specialized MSHA-approved foaming cement. These seals are designed to be...

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Weir Expands Coal Dewatering Solutions

Weir Minerals decided to go big with the Aspir WFH1730 jumbo centrifuge, a high-capacity, horizontal fine-coal dewatering centrifuge built on proven principles, such as G force and basket angle. The machine was specifically...

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Air Impact Tools

Hy-Tech Engineered Solutions recently introduced the ATP Magnum Force line of industrial air impact tools, featuring high-torque outputs and power-to-weight ratios in 3/4-, 1-, and 1-1/2-in. drive classes. The new line is...

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Remote-controlled Jack for Haulers

Specialized Maintenance Equipment introduced the Titan220e battery-powered truck jacking system. The system allows a user to remote control the positioning of the jack. The latest hydraulic and electronic technology is used to...

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B&W Awarded Patent for Coal Ash Conveyor

The Babcock & Wilcox Co. (B&W) has been awarded a United States patent for a Submerged Grind Conveyor (SGC) system, a cost-effective coal ash conveyor system that enables utilities to reduce water usage and their...

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Lifting Tools for Large Slurry Pumps

Weir Minerals said it takes safety seriously, with safety at the heart of everything the company does. The company recently rolled out a set of lifting tools for the safe handling of slurry pump parts during maintenance. An...

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Hitachi Excavator to Deliver Fuel Savings

Hitachi recently unveiled the EX3600-7 mining excavator to North and South American markets. The shovel delivers increased efficiency, reliability and durability, the company reported. Available in a backhoe or shovel...

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Borehole Surveying System

The Carlson Rodded Boretrack is offered at a discounted price through September 30, the company reported. The offer includes the Boretrak probe, handheld PDA with the Boretrak Mobile Android software preloaded, a neckstrap and...

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Top 10 Coal Producing States & Regions

Week Ending (9/28/19)
(in Thousand Short Tons)
 YTD '19YTD '18% Change
West Virginia71,20771,673-0.7
North Dakota20,01322,184-9.8
Appalachian Total148,464149,976-1.0
Interior Total99,704102,397-2.6
Western Total285,913307,155-6.9
U.S. Total534,081559,528-4.5

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