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Managing the Minef ield of Marijuana

by donna pryor When medical marijuana first started to become legal, mine operators responded in a similar way. Most mines continue to have a zero-tolerance policy for both applicants and current employees for several reasons:...

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MSHA’s Blind Spot on Powered Haulage Safety

by brian hendrix Last June, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) published a Request for Information titled, “Safety Improvement Technologies for Mobile Equipment at Surface Mines and for Belt Conveyors at Surface...

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Safety Law Predictions for 2019-2020

by henry chajet and robert horn Unless you’ve been off the grid — way off — or maybe off the planet, you know the political campaigns are over and the election results are final. If you are a Democrat, you might be pleased that...

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Grading MSHAS’s Performance After 2 Years

by brian hendrix Almost two years into President Donald Trump’s first term, how would you grade the Mine Safety and Health Administration’s (MSHA) performance? Is MSHA more effective or efficient? No doubt, our nation’s mines...

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Accident Investigation? What Could Go Wrong?

by avi meyerstein You may have some work to do to prepare for your next accident. How you handle the minutes, hours, and days following an accident can determine what kind of mess you may be dealing with — or not — for years to...

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Mining is Critical Infrastructure

by erik dullea There are two types of companies in America — those who have been hacked and those who don’t know they’ve been hacked. The gravity of this statement is even more troubling for the mining industry and your role in...

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Are Obama Coal Dust Rules Warranted?

by henry chajet Major regulatory changes adopted by the President Barack Obama administration targeting the coal industry included dust rules enforced by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Among them were the...

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Legally Speaking – Jan-Feb 2018

Don’t Allow Bad Deeds to Go UnpunishedAt some point, most mine operators have faced a dilemma where their company discovers miners have been doing something improper. The alleged infraction justifies disciplining the miners....

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Legally Speaking – December 2017

One-size Regulation Doesn’t Fit All? Consider a ModificationIn recent years, a number of our clients have faced Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) inspectors writing citations based on new interpretations of old...

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Legally Speaking – October/November 2017

Confirmation of MSHA Nominee Seems LikelyIn the September “Legally Speaking” column, Washington D.C., defense counsel Avi Meyerstein discussed his top 10 list of needed Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) reforms...

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Top 10 Coal Producing States & Regions

Week Ending 2/23/19
(in Thousand Short Tons)
 YTD '19YTD '18% Change
West Virginia14,62513,9454.9
North Dakota4,4324,488-1.2
Appalachian Total30,07529,7781.0
Interior Total19,61520,243-3.1
Western Total58,19961,758-5.8
U.S. Total107,889111,779-3.5

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