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Responsibly Responding to COVID-19 by donna pryor

by donna pryor Shelter-in-place  strategies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted the U.S. workplace. However, unlike a typical office environment, mines cannot operate without employees on property....

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2020 Hindsight

Looking back at 2019, I can see that we achieved yet another record low of 24 fatalities for the year. We have no matching work hour data to determine actual rates, rather than raw numbers, but even so, any reduction in...

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Drugs, MSHA Enforcement, Maslow’s Hammer

Without a doubt, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) is an enforcement agency.  It walks, talks, thinks and acts like an enforcement agency. It sees itself as an enforcement agency. Enforcement is its favorite tool,...

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Interference Claims: 1 Step Back, 1 Step Forward?

by erik dullea and mark savit In March 2018, this column discussed discrimination and interference under section 105(c), and two important cases that considered alternative tests to prove an interference claim  — Franks v....

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Keeping Up With the OSHAs

by mark savit Those of us who have been involved in the industry over relatively long periods (in my case, a mere 48 years) are familiar with the ups and downs of mining. The coal sector is having a tough time and this page is...

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Judge’s Ruling May Halt Federal Leases

by ali nelson Yet another effort by President Donald Trump’s administration to roll back former-President Barack Obama-era policy changes impacting the coal industry has been overturned by the courts. The late-April decision by...

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Top 10 Coal Producing States & Regions

Week Ending (5/23/20)
(in Thousand Short Tons)
 YTD '20YTD '19% Change
West Virginia29,55838,992-24.2
North Dakota7,74810,796-28.2
New Mexico5,7326,133-6.5
Appalachian Total61,24281,237-24.6
Interior Total40,05854,890-27.0
Western Total113,892151,531-24.8
U.S. Total215,192287,658-25.2

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