Komatsu GD955-7 motor grader_AZPGThe new GD955-7 motor grader offers operators the control and precision needed to build and maintain haul roads for truck fleets of 100 tons and up, Komatsu reported. This new machine weighs 52 tons and stands out with 426 horsepower @ 1,9000 rpm horsepower delivering powerful downforce pressure to the 18-ft blade for efficient grading performance. A 20-ft blade is an option for this machine too. “With significant increases in operating weight, blade downforce pressure and working travel speeds, this new size class motor grader will be a smart choice for increased efficiency on our customer’s mine sites,” said Joseph Sollitt, director of mining support equipment for Komatsu Ltd.

With faster working travel speeds compared to the previous model, Komatsu said it engineered the GD955-7 to increase grading efficiency while helping reduce maintenance requirements and total cost of ownership.

Despite its large size, the GD955-7 offers excellent maneuverability. It can execute tight U-turns on a standard 100-ton class haul road without the need to fully cut the wheel or correct course. The long wheelbase and large, 27° articulation angle allow a tight turning radius and provide maneuverability for narrow haul road applications in confined spaces and around obstacles.

The newly adopted, long-life circle bearing allows for smooth and precise rotation of the moldboard while eliminating the need for circle play adjustments or replacing wear plates. Coupled with a standard auto-lubrication system, the GD955-7 is engineered to help reduce planned and unplanned maintenance downtime while helping to extend life to overhaul.