Philippi_WaterTanks2-minPhilippi-Hagenbuch’s patented HiVol Water Tanks feature a stable, square design that improves stability and maximizes hauling capacity. Each tank is custom engineered to haul the greatest possible volume for the specific make and model of off-highway articulated or rigid frame haul truck. The tanks feature easy-to-use, operator-friendly controls and the ability to spray the entire width of a haul road with one pass. HiVol Water Tanks are built with a superior-grade steel for increased longevity.

The HiVol Water Tanks can be engineered for new haul trucks and as a retrofit for older trucks. Operations often incorporate the tanks onto their aging haul trucks to convert them to water trucks, extending equipment life.

Philippi-Hagenbuch engineers each tank to achieve the lowest weight and greatest possible hauling capacity. This can range up to 60,000 gallons. The square design, along with internal side-surge stabilizers and a baffling system that results in full compartmentalization of the water, minimizes churning to improve vehicle stability.

Each tank features corrosion-resistant Hardox 450 steel, which is over 300% harder and more corrosion-resistant than the steel used in most other water tanks on the market, equating to an exceptionally long water tank life. HiVol Water Tanks utilizing Hardox HiAce acidic-resistant steel are also available as an option for highly acidic environments.  Philippi-Hagenbuch also offers an insulated water tank design for cold weather conditions, with optional heating for use in environments as cold as -40°F/C.

“After more than 23 years on the market, none of our water tanks are showing signs of rust, corrosion or failure,” said Josh Swank, Philippi-Hagenbuch vice president of sales and marketing. “The high-quality steel ensures they won’t rust or wear down quickly. Most water tanks on the market only last 5-7 years, but the first water tanks we engineered are still out on the jobsite today.”

Philippi-Hagenbuch water tanks feature rear-mounted spray heads, an optional remote-controlled water cannon and individual in-cab analog controls that are straightforward and easy to use. This provides the operator with precise — yet simplified — water control. The horizontal spray heads operate separately, allowing the use of any or all spray heads at the same time. The remote-controlled water cannon enables operators to spray water from 150 to 200 feet away.