SENSE-2 Product-minThe SENSE-2 oil condition monitoring kit provides real-time data about machine oil quality to optimize maintenance and reduce operating costs.

The SENSE-2 is plug-and-play and accurately identifies when oil reaches the end of its life, superseding traditional time-based maintenance schedules, which can result in oil being discarded prematurely — with the potential of wasting up to 50% of its useful life.

“Our SENSE-2 real-time monitoring utilizes our world-leading sensor technology and associated analytics to detect any issues before any damage occurs, identifying subtle changes in equipment condition early,” said Chris Greenwood, CEO, Tan Delta Systems. “It can be fitted easily and efficiently to any existing equipment in any application and is configurable to any oil type.”

The system was adopted by an oil sands mine in Canada on a 785D mining truck with the aim to increase the oil service intervals, reduce the number of oil changes and wastage while maintaining the integrity of the equipment and preventing failure.

The results following the installation of SENSE-2 was doubling the service intervals from 500 to 1,000 hours, reducing oil costs by 50% and eliminating the risk of failure from oil contamination or wear, this resulted in a return on investment of 160% in the first year.