OmniPro AI-minMatrix Design Group, a leading technology provider for industrial and mining safety and productivity, is introducing OmniPro Vision AI, a state-of-the-art collision avoidance system. This highly powerful system is designed to provide alerts when pedestrians, vehicles and other potential hazards are detected in the path of mobile equipment.

OmniPro Vision AI allows for fully customizable zones and the ability to work in low-light and all-weather conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of equipment applications and operating environments.

With its high-speed processing rate, OmniPro Vision AI minimizes false positives and nuisance alerts that often desensitize workers to alarms. Operating without the need for personal wearable devices or tags, OmniPro Vision AI is capable of identifying individuals wearing PPE and pedestrians in any posture, including standing sideways, crouching, kneeling, or in partial view. OmniPro Vision AI allows for visual and audible zone breach alerts for both equipment operators and pedestrians and easily integrates with OEM controls for slowing and disabling machine movement.

OmniPro Vision AI also can be aligned with the OmniPro InFocus cloud application, which delivers 24/7 access to an advanced dashboard with real-time metrics and analytics. OmniPro InFocus provides management with essential operational insights and intelligence to make the best decisions for the operation. All data, including zone breach incidents and timestamped photos, are recorded and stored for future reference and reporting. Essential reporting, including average daily breaches per machine and trending breaches over time, is available, along with custom reporting and analytics.