Modern solutions speak to a deep, cyclic history of innovating for safety, efficiency and savings

by jesse morton, technical writer

If the state of the domestic longwall motor solution market is any indication, then the U.S. coal sector in general appears to be on the mend. “We’re getting back to what was normal before Obama, almost,” longtime longwall motor solution mogul Scott Mohler said. “Pre-Obama and post-Obama are very similar, although we had to build back up in the post-Obama-era.” Similarly, Greg Hite, who has been in the business almost as long, reported his company is now “constantly building” high-hp motor drive solutions for the coal space, although with the caveat that those drives see some demand “no matter what the market situation is.”

Even if the longwall motor solution market is not a perfect barometer of bigger economic trends, it does provide a snapshot of some trends in the evolution of underground coal mining technologies. What follows is a quick glance at the latest news coming from some of the bigger players in the space.
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