Reinforcement project repairs damaged infrastructure on Buchanan mine refuse conveyor

by justin leithauser

The U.S. coal industry has endured a very difficult period during the past few years. Capital for new projects has been limited and major maintenance has been postponed. Meanwhile, the infrastructure ages.

Many structures, such as conveyor trusses, have been exposed to various elements over the years, including coal, water and the environment, all which cause corrosion and deterioration. In many instances, these types of structures have experienced other types of damage as well from mobile equipment or improper maintenance. It is important that these structures are inspected and monitored regularly to ensure they are functioning in a safe manner. When a structure is determined to be in need of serious repair, it can be difficult, but not impossible, to perform the repairs while not negatively impacting the operation of the mine. The inspection and structural reinforcing of the refuse conveyor at Coronado Coal LLC’s Buchanan mine provides an example of how this can be accomplished in a safe, efficient and economical manner.
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