The shipment of its 6,000th unit marks yet another milestone in Joy’s leading development of world-class continuous mining machines for the global underground mining industry. Joy produced its first continuous miner unit (the model 3JCM) in 1948. Since then, Joy has pioneered many continuous miner innovations that allow mining operations to increase productivity, lower costs per ton, and most importantly, improve operator safety with the mission of achieving zero harm.

Joy’s ongoing commitment to improving underground mine working conditions is illustrated by its leadership in safety-focused continuous miner design features. Early improvements were marked by the transition from on-board operation to operation via radio remote control, reducing exposure to dust, vibration and an unsupported roof. Current innovations include improvements in operator interface ergonomics. As an example, Joy’s current generation remote control stations are more than 80% lighter than the original designs and allow a more natural placement of the hands. Continued focus on operator-to-machine interaction has also led to the release of products such as proximity detection systems and better spray systems for dust suppression.