For this specific case, the mine will actually receive four TPKL fluid couplings. The fill-controlled fluid couplings will be used in a 6.4-MW belt conveyor drive with demanding requirements. The 3,160-m-long underground belt conveyor is driven by four 1,600-kW motors with a planned capacity of 4,000 tons per hour. The belt conveyor is designed for a demanding workload as it will transport coal uphill at a 14° angle.

Voith started the production of the TPKL coupling series in 1997. This fluid coupling type was especially developed for demanding belt conveyor applications in mining. The coupling type provides excellent torque limitation for a smooth startup for the belt conveyor. It allows active load sharing with multimotor drives.

DaTong Coal is one of the top three coal groups in China, with a coal production capacity of 152 million tons per year.