IDS GeoRadar launched a software update for RockSpot. The update expands the data analysis performance of the system with new tools supporting rockfall risk zonation, TARP fine-tuning, and back-analysis to reduce operational and geotechnical risks, parent company Hexagon said.

The tools allow users to manipulate the events database and plot custom charts based on defined areas and items, such as event rate, duration or area extension, velocity and run-out distance of rockfall, Hexagon reported. They enable a comprehensive back-analysis, models calibration, integrity of rockfall controls, and design change justification.

RockSpot is the industry’s first end-to-end solution able to trigger notifications on rockfalls in real-time and to maximize rockfall hazard management, providing an explorable rockfall database for analysis, Hexagon said. “The compact and powerful radar picks up falling rocks in near to real-time, and working crews receive prompt notification for action along with immediate access to all event details, which are tracked, stored and classified in a rockfall events database.”