ASI Mining announced the full commercialization of Mobius, the autonomous haulage system (AHS) that is being deployed to almost 100 haul trucks at Roy Hill iron ore mine in Western Australia. The solution was proven during the product verification phase at the mine, a major milestone that triggers the next level in the solution’s development, the company said.

The product verification phase at Roy Hill included the operation of a mixed fleet of Cat 793F and Hitachi EH-5000 haul trucks. On a fleet of 10 trucks, the solution attained critical results in testing for efficiency, productivity, and availability, ASI said. With the validation phase complete, Roy Hill will convert its mixed fleet of 96 haul trucks to Mobius, making it the largest AHS site in the world.

The validation phase and its results were paralleled by the launch of related field services for deployment and support. That support will be through Epiroc’s distribution network, such as the one based in Perth, Australia, supporting the Roy Hill deployment.

Epiroc acquired 34% of ASI Mining in 2018.

Mobius is an autonomous mining platform that also supports drilling, blasting and dozing.