Chevron Lubricants introduced Delo TorqForce Syn FD-1, high-performance, fully synthetic lubricant for use in final drives and axles of haul trucks and other equipment. The lubricant was designed to increase performance over conventional SAE 60 TO-4 and FD-1 products, and formulated to deliver maximum system protection, the company said. Compared to conventional products, Delo TorqForce Syn FD-1 has a broader temperature range for year-round, all-weather performance, Chevron said. It has an advanced additive system that minimizes wear, keeps parts free of varnish and sludge, and gives improved protection against corrosion. It holds up longer for extended service intervals. Test results indicate the lubricant gives excellent gear wear protection and very strong oxidation control with minimal varnish, Chevron said. The results also show it can extend service intervals from the standard 4,000 hours to 6,000 hours and beyond.