An Australian company has created a safety app to assist in the prevention and management of hazards and risks. The greatest advantage of the new app is its simplicity and how it automates processes utilizing commonly used smartphone technology, which speeds up the entire safety process by getting reports to management faster than ever before.

Using the H5 hazard report allows the user to send a photo of an incident with a supporting hazard description, a date and time stamp, its geographical location, a simple hazard grading in a modest yet accurate email, all within mere seconds of the report being completed.

Managers can receive Take5 and Hazard reports as they are completed, they can know who is reporting and who isn’t, and they can make their safety assessments before lunch rather than at the end of the week. Effective safety decisions can be made faster than ever before. The technology has been there for years, now it can be used to save lives.

The Take5 app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is easily found on the iStore or Android store by searching for “Take5.”