For the hydraulic roof supports used in longwall mining, Henkel Corp. has introduced Loctite MR5898 foaming polyurethane, a pour-in-place foam material designed to bond to pockets and hydraulic cylinders. By foaming up to fill the entire cavities and adhering to edges, this innovative foam effectively blocks out debris, particulates, teeth or tools that might damage the equipment, yet is flexible enough to allow free movement of the hydraulic leg, Henkel said.

Loctite MR5898 foaming polyurethane replaces pre-cut foam inserts that allow debris to migrate into cavities through gaps between inserts and equipment edges. The self-extinguishing, low-odor foam is intended for use underground and in confined spaces. The two-part formula begins to foam a few minutes after mixing and becomes tack-free with minutes of pouring. The flexible cured foam can be easily cut or trimmed using a serrated blade.

Use of Loctite MR5898 Foaming Polyurethane on hydraulic roof supports ensures proper functioning of equipment, reduces unplanned downtime, and prevents cost component replacement. Workers spend less time cleaning pockets and cavities, and do not need to inventory or store spare foam inserts.