JoySmart Solutions recently teamed with an Illinois operation to quickly remedy a vital conveyor system segment that was providing excess torque on startup.

Personnel then immediately went to the site to investigate the problem area with handheld vibration monitors and confirmed there was excessive vibration on the head drive pulley due to a faulty coupling. Left undetected, this could lead to damage of the four 2,500-hp gearbox shaft assemblies, which are long lead time items.

Normal production was able to continue while Joy Global teams monitored the anomaly and determined how to resolve the problem and prevent damage to the gearboxes. Through data tracking, consistent monitoring and quick action, JoySmart Solutions experts quickly addressed the issue and devised a solution.

Zero of the four gearboxes were damaged by the excessive vibration, saving the customer months of costly downtime. The issue was fixed during a scheduled maintenance period, eliminating the need for any unplanned downtime and allowing nonstop production at the site.

Recognizing the potential severity that was avoided through quick detection and action, the customer then worked with Joy Global teams more proactively moving forward.