South Africa’s Booyco reported the Booyco Electronics Asset Management System (BEAMS) software is revolutionizing the way mines process and evaluate captured data. BEAMS acts as a single source of information, a comprehensive hub that consolidates data from both Booyco safety hardware and monitoring devices into a robust database, the company said.

The web-based software suite also transforms a vast amount of data into a single, comprehensible and manageable stream. This offers greater insight into various facets of the mining operation and can contribute to increased safety and productivity levels, Booyco said.

For example, BEAMS can analyze data to detect patterns that could indicate unsafe behavior. BEAMS can feed a digital twin model with real-time, accurate information about the state of the mine’s assets and the environment. The model can support proactive measures, risk analysis, and better decision making, Booyco said.

Web-based, BEAMS is engineered for easy implementation and adaptability, and offers seamless integration into existing systems and workflows. The software suite can be configured to meet the unique needs of each user, offering a standard set of reports or providing customized reporting to address specific requirements.