Michelin North America introduced a new size of the XDR 3 surface-mine haul tire — 37.00R57. Addressing the productivity and endurance issues found in today’s surface mines, the XDR3 was developed for a range of rigid dump trucks with payload capacity of up to 400 tons. Now available in seven sizes, this new XDR3 size expands the XDR3 portfolio, replacing the XDR2 line, Michelin said.

“Michelin provides solutions that support safety improvements, operational cost reductions and innovation at mines worldwide,” said Jake Thompson, Michelin North America’s B2B mining marketing manager. “This new tire combines the latest technologies from the 200 professionals working at our R&D center.”

Tested under extreme conditions before its launch, the MICHELIN XDR3 is designed for operator safety. Michelin said its tread pattern distributes the load across the contact patch, lowers contact pressure and improves wear, and increases tire life by a minimum of 8%. In addition, interlocking blocks of rubber on the shoulder help reduce wear. The XDR3 is MEMS-ready to capture and transmit temperature and pressure information in real time. The MEMS patch is compatible with tire additives and the patch is RFID equipped.

With 10% stronger corrosion-proof cables incorporated into the tire architecture, the tire provides a significant upgrade in situations where this equipment is operated for up to 23 hours per day in extreme terrain.