This chain can replace the following DIN spec chains in any existing pan line: round link chain 34 mm, flat link chain 38 mm, also flat link chain 42 mm, assuring the same mechanical properties and bigger clearance between vertical link and deck plate, as well as lower overall profile. This chain can replace DIN spec chain 42×146 mm on every conveyor and it is compatible with all flight bars and sprockets of the system.

The protruding nodule, located in middle part of vertical link on one of the straight legs, divides the link in two parts and prevents potential contact with the horizontal surface. Solid construction of the nodule provides protection against premature wear and the shape of its surface and rounded ending, as well as chamfered side radiuses, protect against damage to the links. However its most important function is protection against jack-knifing of the chain, and added flexibility for handling underground.

Another important feature is weight—1 meter of this chain weighs only 34.3 kg. Assuming the conveyor is 820 foot long, it reduces the mass by 1 ton. Such reduction has significant impact on a conveyor’s resistance, start up and overall power consumption.