According to ASGCO, one of the most easily preventable conveyor accident sources is a dislodged return idler falling onto an unsuspecting worker. Misaligned belts often come into contact with return idler brackets, shearing them off and allowing the idler to break free. ASGCO has developed a simple solution for an additional measure of safety — the ASGCO Safe-guard return idler cage is designed to catch the return idler from falling onto workers or equipment, preventing injuries and damage to critical components.

The cage is built to last, made of powder-coated A36 steel and requires no welding. The open design allows for fugitive material to pass through, preventing additional complications from build-up. According to the company, it is easy to install and remove for belt maintenance using the quick mounting kit, which includes beam clamps, links and adjustable chains. The unit is available in various sizes to fit most belt conveyors and is OSHA/MSHA approved.