Vehicle operators can download and enter data over the network from the on-board control units or the data can be captured automatically. Internet protocol based software enables managers to view data instantly and control production operations from any remote computer as required.

PCC4’s range of modules address real and specific needs. The ACTIV module enables real-time production and maintenance control. The MAP module gives geographical position and speed information of every vehicle equipped with an on-board terminal. The DISPATCH module allows supervisors to issue destination instructions to operators via the on-board intelligent units. Vehicle dispatch can be done manually on the click of the mouse (by using ‘drag and drop’ functionality) or automatically (dynamic dispatch). The PLANNING module gives managers easy to read reports for specified periods of time. The MAINTAINER module enables preventative maintenance planning to minimizes the risk of potential failures and associated costs. The STOCK module enables stock piles supervision and ensures stock quality. The Total Quality Management module with alert system allows intercepted events to be stored in a central database and provides real time notification to managers of key issues arising (i.e. speed limit exceedances, overloading etc.). Managers can also send alarm notices on any data to any administrator.