Constructed on a base of heavy formed channels to deliver long service life even under severe operating conditions, impact bars are secured with two bolts each, facilitating easy service and replacement. Combination Cradles are available to fit belts from 24-72 in. (50-200 cm) wide, and may have as few as four impact bars or as many as 16, depending on cradle size and center roll option.  

Two bar constructions are available: both have steel or aluminum reinforcement, with an absorption layer and a sliding layer of UHMW polyethylene, which delivers a 0.5 coefficient of friction. The first option is manufactured with a 50 durometer SBR rubber absorption layer, and has a service temperature range of -20 to 140˚F (-29 to 60˚C). The second option uses an 83 durometer urethane absorption layer and has a temperature range of -20 to 160˚F (-29 to 70˚C).

Combination Cradles employ Martin Engineering’s Trac-mount technology, allowing the units to slide in and out easily for maintenance or replacement. The modular components are light enough to be removed by one person, without using heavy lifting equipment.