GMS officials said George Dunlap and Zach Ewig, both of the GMS North region, left the ceremony in the SUVs while Mark Cowan of the Midwest region rumbled away in the new Harley. Others left with other various gifts such as 60-in. Samsung televisions and Blu-ray players.

Eligible safety award winners were randomly drawn at the event based on a minimum 1,500 hours worked while achieving no lost-time accidents or unexcused absences.

“All of these guys embody what GMS does across America’s coalfields: show up every day, work hard, work efficient and most importantly, work safe,” GMS Director of Midwest Operations Dave Jones said.

The safety awards and ceremony was paired with the announcement of a major workforce development in the Midwest region, where GMS is planning to add 150 coal miners by the end of summer.

It also confirmed it will put on an additional 50 workers on in its West region in the coming 90 days.