• The U.S. Coal Industry Shrinks

    The U.S. Coal Industry Shrinks

  • Pure-Gro Develops Coal-based Fertilizer

    Pure-Gro Develops Coal-based Fertilizer

  • New Options for Dragline Maintenance Optimize Production Performance

    New Options for Dragline Maintenance Optimize Production Performance

  • Taking the Hard Line

    Taking the Hard Line

  • Eastern European Coal Report

    Eastern European Coal Report

  • Mining Business Bets Big on MINExpo 2016

    Mining Business Bets Big on MINExpo 2016

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Resource Center

World News

By the summer of 2017, U.S.-based Cline Group’s Donkin underground mine in Canada’s Nova Scotia province is expected to be producing coal at the rate of approximately 2 million tons annually,...
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Transportation Tips

By Dave Gambrel The U.S. coal exporting community could not imagine a more perfect place than Cherry Point from which to export America’s cleanest coal, coal produced in the Powder River Basin (PRB)...


Week Ending 7/9/16 (in Thousand Short Tons)
  YTD '16 YTD '15 % Change
Wyoming 137,363 193,250 -28.9
West Virginia 36,950 52,709 -29.9
Kentucky 22,508 33,981 -33.8
Illinois 22,031 31,380 -29.8
Pennsylvania 19,944 26,962 -26.0
Texas 16,419 15,596 5.3
Montana 15,360 21,708 -29.2
Indiana 13,855 18,824 -26.4
North Dakota 13,336 14,903 -10.5
New Mexico 8,515 9,305 -8.5
U.S. Total 343,651 471,709 -27.1

Product News

Baldor Electric Co. recently announced the latest motor technology: achieving efficiency performance two to four efficiency bands above NEMA Premium efficient levels (IE3) by using a hybrid motor design....
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Market Watch

By Andrew Moore This year will likely be remembered as the year the U.S. coal market hit bottom. Low demand led to low prices, which yielded production cutbacks, mine closures and some bankruptcies....
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People in the News

article thumbnailThe chairman and chief executive of Birmingham-based Drummond Co. Inc., Garry Neil Drummond, died July 13. He was 78. His father began Drummond Coal in Sipsey, Alabama, in 1935, and Garry Drummond...
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The Kentucky Coal Academy (KCA) awarded 105 scholarships, valued at $1,000 each, to local high school and technology center students who participated in, and graduated from, its Junior Coal Academy...
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