Motion Metrics announced that it has hired Vandrico Solutions, a wearable technology development company, to co-develop wearable device applications for mining operations. The company believes that wearable technology presents an opportunity to improve safety, connectivity, and productivity in ways never before possible for the mining industry.

While the concept of wearable technology is still new to many, it has emerged as the next big consumer electronics trend and is expected to reach 10 million units of sales in 2014. Wearable devices enable delivery of real-time notifications that immediately capture users’ attention, wherever they are. This allows each user to interact with the device in an intuitive and hands-free manner, which is ideal for the industrial workplace.

The first objective of this project is to integrate heads-up display technology, such as Google Glass, into the MetricsManager product line. This will bring most recent measurement results and potential safety warnings and/or alarms from mining shovels, loaders, conveyor belts, and portable sensing devices at the site directly to the attention of the users who need them most.