The WS-BL2000 Brake Lathe produces an evenly cut drum (maximum drum turning diameter, 33.5 in.), rotor (maximum disc turning diameter, 20 in.) or flywheel. The extra-large 60-mm diameter arbor and oversized spindle dampens vibrations allowing it to work without the use of a tailstock – even for dual wheels with the drum attached. Advanced functions include powered in/out and left/right table motion, continuous or intermittent variable feed in both working directions (to avoid spiral effect) and spindle rotation speed (20 to 120 RPMs) controlled by a dial. The WS-BL2000 variable spindle speed helps control acceleration and deceleration – a useful function when turning heavy brake components. Furthermore, the machine allows turning and grinding of tapered flywheel surfaces with an optional cutting adaptor. The adjustable travel end stops on both tables, the ergonomically positioned and easy-to-use control panel, the built-in oiler and tilt up safety guard are further elements that make the WS-BL2000 practical, reliable and safe.