“This unit meets all MSHA inby requirements and is ideally suited for use in slope-graded mines with minimum seam heights of 6 feet and ground clearance ranges of 12 to 14 inches,” said Jack Fairchild Jr., vice president of sales and marketing, Fairchild International. “As the industry’s most flexible mining vehicle, it also features exceptional design characteristics and can be converted to a utility scoop by removing the fifth wheel assembly and replacing it with other attachments, including a 140-cu-ft capacity scoop bucket, maintenance center and forks with a duckbill.”

The Model 35C-WHPDT is also equipped with John Deere 1400 series inboard planetary axles, internal wet disc service brakes and a hydraulically controlled differential lock. The vehicle’s power unit consists of a Cummins C8.3, 150-hp engine with a DST dry scrubber package to provide exhaust treatment, and a Dana/ Clark powershift transmission assembly with four speeds forward and reverse.  www.fairchildint.com