“The AMS is really going to be key in doing mine rescue training here,” said Mining Technology Associate Professor Dave Colombo. “We can now coordinate mine rescue training with a MERD exercise, which really boosts the overall training package we offer. This particular AMS measures carbon monoxide in the mine, which is a precursor to fire.” The system presented to RLC uses sensors placed in the mine which relay conditions back to a computer and server at the control center. According to Colombo, all underground coal mines in the U.S. are required to have an atmospheric monitoring system in place.

“We felt it was important to make this donation because we wanted to make sure to promote safety in the classroom for the new upcoming generation of miners,” said Rob Albinger, president, CONSPEC Controls.

“The AMS system was designed to be as realistic as possible,” said John McGuire, Pillar Innovations. “We hope that this training opportunity will give future miners some real-world experience in a cutting edge environment.”

“All of our career tech programs here at Rend Lake are founded on live experience and this is another piece of the coal mining department’s ability to make a training environment as close to the real thing as possible,” Wilkerson said.