“Washington saw the FACES and heard the Voices of Coal—America’s coal miners, their families and strong and united coal communities that supply nearly half of our nation’s electricity—at a rally yesterday on the U.S. Capitol grounds,” said Hal Quinn, president & CEO, National Mining Association. “They called for action, rather than continued delay, onmining permits that are needed to keep them on the job and to continue providing American businesses and households the affordable and reliable energy we all need.
“Rep. Hal Rogers and his bi-partisan group of co-sponsors have answered that call with legislation that will end EPA’s energy and jobs moratorium. Permits delayed are jobs denied.

“H.R. 6113 would stop EPA, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Office of Surface Management from implementing EPA’s permitting guidance, which violates numerous federal laws and is based on bad science. To date, the guidance has halted action on nearly 200 permits and affected thousands of coal mining and coal-dependent jobs.  

“The mining community applauds the actions taken today by these House  members, and we call upon their colleagues to join in support of a lawful and science-based process that will keep Americans on the job and provide affordable electricity throughout our economy.”