A CM operator trained with simulated environments shows remarkable improvement.

Using an IM360 Advanced Equipment Simulator, an experienced operator trainer first observed the operators in the field and then operated the CM to observe the unique conditions present at each of the mines. The trainer then developed a tailored curriculum within the simulation, replicating coal tensile strength, rock bands, top height and other significant operational characteristics.

CM operators were observed within the simulation and then received coaching and instruction from the operator trainer. Once operators met the targeted performance levels within the simulation, they were released back into the field.

Real-world performance data was collected from the sections in which the CM operators worked for a period of 90 days prior to training and 90 days following training to observe the rate of improvement. Real-world performance was measured as feet of advance per shift (FPS) with an average improvement of 12% on CM operator productivity. Based off the shifts worked by each operator in the 90 days following training, their increased FPS and the profitability for the surplus production the training investment yielded a return of more than $900,000.