BNI Coal’s Center mine, located near Bismark, North Dakota, produces approximately 4.5 million tons of lignite annually. Over the past few years, BNI switched from using conventional EarthEater buckets on its 8200 dragline to using Hurricane buckets. The latest bucket advancement from CQMS Razer, the Hurricane, features a wider mouth and lower side walls than other buckets. This design allows operators to load buckets more quickly and also provides for an impressive heap factor. This combined with more casting structure provides additional strength and a refined geometry resulting in less power consumption, and faster cycle times, according to CQMS. BNI has seen a 10% increase in yards moved per hour and an overall 12% increase in productivity.

“We are extremely pleased with the efficiencies and production gains seen with the Hurricane buckets. CQMS Razer has been a great partner in supporting these buckets,” said Paul Tokach, mine maintenance manager, BNI Coal.