“Every mine eventually needs ventilation seals built, as well as assistance with nitrogen inerting. Bringing these companies together and offering nitrogen generators as part of seal installation, provides mine operators with a convenient and cost-effective solution,” said Jeff Hamrick, vice president and general manager, Strata Mine Services.

Strata currently offers two mine seal products that are MSHA approved under Final Rule 30 CFR Part 75, and additional designs are currently pending approval. The Stratacrete Plug Seal and the PMR Reinforced Seal are available now and approved for both the 120 psi and 50 psi segments of the regulations.

The plug seal is designed with two formwalls constructed across the entry and remotely filled with a concrete mix (Stratacrete). As the width, or coverage of the seal increases, so does its strength. The reinforced seal is constructed by anchoring rebar into the mine’s roof and floor, then wiring it with 3-D welded wire mesh. This forms a strong rib system which can then be fully coated with high-strength gunite or shotcrete. The gunite is sprayed to overlap all edges and create an airtight seal.

Through the new partnership with On Site Gas, Strata now also offers the additional service of inerting seal atmospheres during construction and until the seal reaches full strength.

On Site Gas nitrogen generators provide a safe, means economical solution to inert the atmosphere within sealed mine areas—either from a nearby underground location or from the surface. Generating nitrogen on location offers significant savings over the cost of liquid delivered through a borehole, both in terms of convenience and the mine’s financial bottom line. The nitrogen can be made on-site for the duration of a project, eliminating the need for local gas supplier deliveries.

On Site Gas CEO Guy Hatch believes mines will benefit from this joint effort. “Each company has a great reputation within the industry for the products and services they provide,” Hatch said. “By working together, we can offer a complete and easy solution to the mines.”