“This new office reflects our ongoing commitment to staying close to our customers,”  said Mike Hastings, president, Carroll Technologies. “Over the past three years our business has grown substantially—both in terms of sales as well as geographic coverage. To properly support our more than 800 customers, we need to be close to them to respond promptly to their product needs, their calls for service, and to have spare parts in close proximity.”

Similar to the company’s other operations centers, the
new Knoxville center will include sales, service, repair operations as well as an extensive spare parts depot. Also, it will provide around the clock responsiveness to customer calls
for help through Carroll’s networked MinerCare 24/7 service organization.

Hastings also indicated that the company is in the process of preparing plans to open several additional operations centers this year. The company now has 11 offices and maintains an inventory of more than $6 million in parts, components, and replacement spares,” said Hastings. “Our customers operate 24 hours a day. “Mine stoppages cost money. When they need service or a spare, they need it right away—not in days or weeks. We continue to open operations centers to properly support our customers. We’ve got to be where the business is happening.”