MSHA recently approved the Trolex TX6355 Sentro gas detector as intrinsically safe.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has approved as Intrinsically Safe (IS) the Trolex TX6355 Sentro. The Sentro gas detector, integrated with Strata’s wireless communications and battery technology, enables monitoring of toxic and explosive gases throughout the mine, while providing substantial cost and time savings.

Using Strata’s CommTrac or Connect communication networks, data from the gas sensors is continuously transmitted to a central Graphic User Interface (GUI) at the surface. This provides live monitoring of atmospheric conditions in everyday operations underground.

If gas levels rise above preset thresholds, alarms are triggered and immediate notification is sent to the surface. To further enhance the knowledge of the mine environment post-accident, the Sentro CO sensor has a detection range of 0 to 500 ppm. This enhanced range provides a high level of accuracy while delivering vital information to mine operators and rescue personnel.

“In recent events, the inability to obtain real-time atmospheric monitoring data from the mine post-accident, caused many difficulties for the operators and rescue teams,” said Tom Michaud, chief technology officer of Strata Worldwide. “With Strata’s battery-powered systems, this is not an issue. The detectors continue to stream the readings post-accident and operators have a much clearer view and understanding of the underground conditions.”