The new space includes an expansive industrial training center for Chesterton distributors and customers, a state-of-the-art valve testing laboratory, and a New England service center that orders regional repair of pumps, cylinders and seals. The expanded facility is now the new official headquarters for the company and provides additional office space for employees from two former Massachusetts’ offices. For the first time in 115 years, all 550 Chesteron employees will be operating in one location.

“Chesterton has invested in excess of $20 million over the past three years in facilities, equipment and people here in the commonwealth — adding more than 100 jobs in the Groveland location alone,” said President and CEO Brian O’Donnell.

The company provided tours of its new, world-class industrial equipment training facility that provides in-depth training for plant engineers and plant maintenance. A platform of intensive training programs is designed to help Chesterton customers build and retain much needed critical workforce skills at a time when many companies are facing a looming shortage of skilled workers due to retiring experts, an inability to attract new talent, and the loss of in-plant training programs. The center is being used to train Chesterton and distributors, and customers from around the world.

Chesterton’s new facilities will provide training for plant maintenance.