The UHF/VHF Tracking system which works alongside the UltraComm leaky feeder communication system uses wireless readers and high power RFID tag units to provide personnel and/or asset location information on the surface of an underground mine or other facility. Tunnel Radio’s design allows for both voice communication and tracking to operate on a single cable.  The company’s ‘triple reader’ monitors three zones concurrently providing the continuous coverage as required by the MSHA PPL P09-V-01. The system’s capture software provides for secure tag to server communications, personnel location viewable overlaid on a mine map, and detailed history reports.

Through its association with HSC Industrial and its distribution network, the Tunnel Radio UHF system has already been successfully installed in at least 25 coal mines in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. According to Tom Hughes, president, HSC Industrial, the systems are receiving rave reviews from mine managers, safety personnel and miners alike. Recently, the VHF version of our MineAx Tracking was successfully installed in a western mine.