The commemorative event featured a ceremonial video honoring the men who made it possible: Harvey Firestone and R.G. LeTourneau. The video revisits the history of LeTourneau’s advancements in modern earthmoving technology, Firestone’s inventive tire manufacturing methods and the forces eventually joining together to revolutionize earthmoving equipment. Their imagination and innovation can still be found in earthmoving technology today.

“It’s important that our company forms strong relationships that meet our standard of doing business,” said Asahiko “Duke” Nishiyama, chairman, Bridgestone Americas. “The amount of time LeTourneau and Firestone have been working together shows the quality of the business relationship and is a model for other organizations in the industry.”

The celebratory event attracted many Firestone and LeTourneau employees, political dignitaries and local business and community leaders.

“Every great turning point in this nation’s past 75 years has included our companies,” said Shawn Rasey, president, Bridgestone Americas Off Road. “We were there when the roads were built expanding travel to the West; we were there to help rebuild Europe and expand mining into the American West’s coalfields, we were there providing the machines and tires in South Americas’ mineral rich mountains and Canada’s Gold reserves. LeTourneau and Bridgestone have contributed more to the development and expansion of today’s mining industry than nearly any other two companies and it’s been that way for 75 years.”

“R. G. LeTourneau and Harvey Firestone embodied the characteristics we are here to celebrate today: imagination, cooperation and innovation,” said Brad Rogers, vice president and general manager, LeTourneau Mining Products.  “As we move into the future, I am confident that our relationship with Bridgestone Americas will only grow stronger, and we look forward to working together to manufacture even more impressive equipment and tires, based on the foundations of both our companies.”