Three of the nine JOEST screens will be 14-ft wide, making them the widest screens anywhere in North America. Over the last 10 years, JOEST has supplied several of these 14-ft screens to the Chinese coal industry, where they have run reliably under very demanding conditions, according to JOEST.

Each of the three 14- x 28-ft screens is designed to handle 600 tons per hour (tph) of raw coal with 1,060 m3/hour of water and 330 m3/hour of additional spraying water. With these nine multi-slope screens, JOEST is able to replace about 30 regular screens as well as increase the total plant capacity. One of the aspects that makes these mammoth screens difficult to design and build is the high stress areas that will experience force of over 6G. Through finite element calculation (FEA), JOEST analyzes and identifies stress points, and has developed unique design features that are critical to efficient and dependable operation.