Hexagon Mining rolled out HxGN Autonomous Mining at its flagship digital reality conference, HxGN LIVE 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. HxGN Autonomous Mining is a portfolio that the company said will protect people and equipment while addressing the challenges of operational productivity and decarbonization. By helping to autonomously manage vehicle traffic, improve fleet situation awareness and introduce drill automation, the new portfolio will give mines the ability to future-proof operations with the foundational building blocks of full operational autonomy.

These building blocks, the company explained, include tools providing autonomous world perception, path planning in both manned driver-assist and autonomous operation, and machine intervention up through control on mining vehicles and drills primarily in open cast environments and haulage operations.

HxGN Autonomous Mining unites Hexagon’s Power of One hardware with its Core computing platform, connecting a unique ecosystem of sensors and software.

“HxGN Autonomous Mining will bring immediate benefits for mine operators, from better blast outcomes with drilling automation to improved equipment performance and production via autonomously managed vehicle movement,” said Andrew Crose, vice president, autonomous mining, for Hexagon’s mining division. “A future generation of interoperable autonomous systems is around the corner, and no one can deliver it like Hexagon can.”