Hexagon’s Mining division is partnering with Fatigue Science, a leader in fatigue and performance predictive analytics and fatigue management information systems. Combined with its real-time operator alertness and collision avoidance solutions, Hexagon will now be able to help mining companies and contractors further protect their people and optimize equipment with Fatigue Science’s Readi platform for predictive fatigue management.

“Fatigue Science’s record in enhancing safety and productivity across mining, heavy industry and other complex organizations speaks for itself,” said Ryan Hawes, vice president, MineProtect. “We couldn’t be more aligned on our core belief, namely the most important assets coming out of a mine are the people who make mining possible.”

The partnership, according to Hexagon, signifies the completion of a 360° safety management platform — providing complete, end-to-end visibility into operator fatigue, alertness and collision avoidance in a single offering. Leveraging MineEnterprise and MineProtect portfolios with actionable data from the Fatigue Science platform, Hexagon said it will be able to provide predictive fatigue insights to mine leadership, HSE teams, front-line supervisors and operators themselves, empowering informed decisions to continually improve safety and productivity.

“We are joining forces with Hexagon to address the large and rapidly growing need we’re seeing — particularly in mining — for a comprehensive, data-driven solution that maximizes human performance and reduces operator risk,” said Andrew Morden, CEO of Fatigue Science. “With Readi’s scientifically validated predictive data on operator fatigue, and Hexagon’s proven solutions for real-time operator alertness and collision avoidance, mining firms now have a 360° view of the risks and opportunities that affect their workforce, all on a single platform.”