The newly expanded foundry is the top white-iron foundry in the world, according to GIW, boasting cutting-edge equipment, excellent safety features, and enough space to efficiently move, assemble and store some of the largest pumps on the planet.

Not only is this beneficial for the company as a whole — now that it can ramp up production to meet the mining industry’s growing demand for Super Pumps — but it’s also helping with efficiency and safety.

“Before the new foundry was complete, we were having to do a lot of workarounds in our original facility to accommodate the larger pumps,” Sterzen said. “We were using two cranes just to lift the 60-ton molds, and once they were filled and weighed up to 125 tons, we had to take them apart to move them.”

The new foundry has made these workflow and space issues things of the past.

“Now we can convert the original foundry back to creating the size parts it’s intended for, which will make it cleaner and safer for everyone,” Sterzen said.

GIW Industries celebrates the inaugural pour of the newly completed state-of-the art foundry in Grovetown, Georgia, on May 16.