After moving to Huntington, W.Va., in the 1940s, Fletcher soon became a pioneer in the production of roof bolters. Advancements in safety and productivity of roof bolting in the U.S. have always been associated with Fletcher, who invented and patented aspects of the automated temporary roof support system (ATRS). In 2000, the company expanded its line of production to include the industrial mineral and rock division.

“We are proud that for 75 years, Fletcher has provided equipment to the underground mining industry that enhances the safety of the work environment and increases productivity,” said Greg Hinshaw, CEO. “Fletcher is built on a strong foundation of family values. We are blessed with a strong supplier base, dedicated employees, and customers who appreciate the value of our products and services. The future for Fletcher is rich with opportunity. Our presence is increasing world wide and our breadth continues to grow. Our experience and expertise give us a firm foundation as we look confidently to the future.”

Today, Fletcher is the world’s leading manufacturer of custom-built roof bolting machines, designed to meet a variety of specific mining needs, along with an entire line of technological machinery focused on worker safety and productivity in underground industrial mineral and coal mines.

Fletcher will recognize its employees that have made 75 years possible, in October. The event will be hosted in Huntington, for employees, family, friends and special guests.