Applied Fiber recently signed an agreement with Eckhart to deliver next-generation automated fiber rope termination technology. The company is licensing its fiber rope socketed termination technology to select industry partners, who will have access to Applied Fiber’s substantial portfolio of products, applications and service to expand the use of terminated fiber rope globally — growing market potential and new opportunities.

Applied Fiber’s terminated synthetic fiber tension systems have been used for pendants on draglines and electric shovels, replacing wire rope systems. “The careful management and control of our core processing is essential to achieving the efficiencies and required performance for all applications,” said Richard Campbell, CEO of Applied Fiber. “Digitization of our manufacturing equipment allows for real-time management of quality across all critical stages. Given the importance of safety, reliability and supply chain stability in the end-use applications, our selection of an automation partner was focused on the capability to support a network of equipment around the globe on a 24/7 basis, coupled with expertise to deliver state-of-the-art manufacturing capability for responsibly managing remote processing operations, which are critical to end-use performance. Our requirements for build quality, design capability, relevant experience, and tier-one design and support commitment lead us to Eckhart, an Industry 4.0 advanced manufacturing solutions provider. Eckhart designs, implements and sustains automation for some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world.”

“Very few companies establish a universally endorsed brand or forge a new industry segment,” Eckhart President and CEO Andy Storm said. “Applied Fiber has achieved both. Through our announced partnership, our team of dedicated engineers is excited to design, build, and integrate highly automated systems for Applied Fiber and its licensed partners.” Applied Fiber and Eckhart plan to deliver the first digitally managed processing equipment during Q4 of 2021.