Teck Coal is using the SiteMonitor4D system to monitor small scale movements in the Turnbull Pit highwalls and endwalls.

Teck Coal, the world’s second largest exporter of steelmaking coal, has implemented a state-of-the-art laser monitoring system at their Fording River operation in southeastern British Columbia. The SiteMonitor4D system, developed by SiteMonitor Systems and purchased from 3D Laser Mapping, is being used to monitor highwall and endwall stability. The solution will also be used to monitor rock fall histories, patterns and rollout distances.

“We chose the SiteMonitor4D system as it was a cost- and manpower-effective solution offering proven high performance,” said Jason Garwood, senior geotechnical specialist for Teck Coal at the Fording River operation. “The outputs produced by SiteMonitor4D allow us to not only accurately and precisely monitor highwall activities, but also enables us to quickly and professionally present the monitoring results both in presentations and in the field, in a manner that can be easily understood by all personnel.”

Teck Coal is using the SiteMonitor4D system primarily to monitor small-scale movements in the Turnbull Pit highwalls and endwalls where access to benches was no longer possible. The system will also be used to identify rock fall histories, patterns, and rollout distances with reference to changes in the weather, temperature and blasting activities. Secondary applications of the system will include monitoring Eagle 6 Pit highwalls, endwalls, and footwalls with primary focus on 3D displacements, movement velocities and movement accelerations.

The monitoring solution being implemented by Teck Coal at their Fording River operation includes SiteMonitor4D, SiteMonitor Systems’ laser monitoring solution. SiteMonitor4D is a modular system that gives the user the ability to exploit the potential of laser scanning for measuring change and improving mine safety. SiteMonitor4D is typically used in open-pit mines for the continuous or periodic stability monitoring of unstable highwalls and slopes. The SiteMonitor4D system also includes a long-range laser scanner.