The MU&Goplus+ system provides a transportable system that can be easily installed on any MU-equipped locomotive in 15 minutes or less. This is an ideal solution for many terminals that use leased locomotive power for their operation.

It’s a PLC-based system that incorporates a customized human machine interface (HMI) for real-time operational data from the locomotive as well as control of any ancillary devices such as car shakers, rotary dumpers and other site specific equipment.

“Having the locomotive operator in the control room allows them the ability to monitor feed and/or dump cycles throughout the process,” said Dave Tenney, locomotive product manager for Control Chief. “The inherent logic of the system also lends itself for site specific configuration of safeguards restricting inadvertent movement of the locomotive during the dump process.”

Load-out sites employing this technology have proven they can typically process cars at a similar efficiency to high-end car positioning systems at a considerable cost savings, according to the manufacturer.