According to Littlefuse, it is an easy-to-install, stand-alone product with up to 24 light sensors, including optional fiber-optic cable sensors that can protect difficult-to-reach compartments. “The PGR-8800 relay offers one of the fastest detection times in the industry. It identifies and trips on an arc flash 300 times faster than ‘the blink of an eye,’ which takes about 300-400 milliseconds,” said Tony Locker, product manager, Littelfuse Protection Relays. “Speed is extremely important as early detection of an arc flash minimizes damage to expensive equipment, potential for fire, and more importantly, injury to personnel. Our Arc-Flash Relay really sets a new standard for this product category. It is both easy-to-install and easy-to-use, and we offer ongoing technical support for this, as well as all of our protection relay products.” The relay is capable of detecting two different conditions related to an arc flash: excessive current and light. By detecting light combined with high current, the new Littelfuse Arc-Flash Relay can quickly distinguish an arc flash from unrelated current and ambient light fluctuations, defending the installation from nuisance tripping.