The Cat 834 wheel dozer pushes coal.

Rated at 496 net horsepower (370 kW), the Cat C18 engine used in the 834K is available in three configurations to tailor the machine for any region of the world: Tier 4 Final (Stage IV) using a diesel particulate filter and a selective catalytic reduction system to control emissions; Tier 3 equivalent without after-treatment; and Tier 2 equivalent without after-treatment.

The C18 uses the field proven Cat mechanically actuated, electronic unit-injection system for precise control of fuel delivery. Fuel-saving enhancements for the 834K include engine-idle-shutdown and engine-idle kick-down systems, and the delayed-engine-shutdown system protects the engine from hot shutdowns. An on-demand, hydraulically driven cooling fan reduces horsepower draw for increased efficiency.

The Cat 4F/3R planetary power-shift transmission used in the 834K features a new Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Shifting system, which is designed to provide greater machine momentum through shift points, enhancing performance and saving fuel. Forced-flow oil lubricates and cools the transmission high-torque clutches to ensure long component life.

For increased productivity and precise control, the impeller clutch torque converter (ICTC) allows the operator to adjust rimpull from 100% to 25% to match hydraulic effort and rimpull to the operating situation. The ICTC system reduces tire wear and permits full-throttle shifts for greater productivity.

The 834K axles feature shaft-mounted, oil-cooled, multiple-disc brakes. The braking system can be equipped with auxiliary oil coolers for added protection. To reduce brake loads, an available automatic retarding system maintains a set downhill speed, minimizing brake use.

The 834K features a completely redesigned operator station, with automatic temperature control, new touch-screen display with soft keypad, electro/hydraulic parking brake, and the Cat Comfort III seat with air-ride suspension and integral controls — including the Steering Transmission Integrated Control (STIC) that allows convenient joystick steering. Interior sound levels also are significantly reduced to 71 dB(A).

The 834K retains its massive full-box-section rear frame that resists torsional shock and twisting forces. Heavy-duty steering cylinder mounts are designed to transfer and effectively dissipate steering loads into the frame. Blade-mounting push beams have a “through-width” design, versus simply being attached to the sides of the frame, a design that dissipates the stress of blade corner-loading into a larger area of the frame.

New for the 834K is a redesigned rear-axle trunnion, now wider and bolted directly to the frame rails, eliminating the previously used intermediate casting and allowing loads to be more effectively dispersed. In addition, the lower articulation point (lower hitch) has been strengthened with an increase in front frame plate thickness and a significant increase in pin diameter in conjunction with a larger bearing.

A major design focus of the 834K is operator safety, and to that end, the new model features a standard rearview camera, repositioned access ladders, full-perimeter railings and ground-level panel that houses a stairway light switch, engine-shutdown switch and lockouts for the starter and transmission.

Routine service points are accessible from ground level or from large, skid-resistant platforms. Swing-out doors on both sides of the engine give ready access to daily maintenance items, and ecology fluid drains facilitate service and protect the environment. For added convenience, the Electronic Technician diagnostic port and the VIMS service port are conveniently located in the cab.