While the SL 300 with an installed power of 1.158 MW is well-suited for mid-seam applications (1.6 to 4 m), the SL 500 dominates with its 1.915 MW mid- to high-seam applications (2.3 to 6 m), according to Eickhoff.

For nearly two decades, the SL 500 has been recognized as a top cutting machine in international high-performance longwall systems and has earned a reputation as a workhorse with high availability and minimum downtimes, according to Eickhoff. Owed to its remarkably great reliability, the SL 500 continues to be the No. 1 choice for longwall specialists in China and Russia. Operators value the Eickhoff underframe concept while owners appreciate its profitability.

Datong started to operate its first SL 500 in 2002. Today, Datong is one of the main coal producers in China with an annual coal production of 39 million metric tons (mt) in 2012.

The purchase of an additional seven machines is further strengthening the role of the Datong Group. Since the very first Eickhoff shearer started cutting, Datong has been achieving new production records on a regular basis with this reliable and powerful, yet safe and economical shearer loader model.
Similarly, the Huainan Mining Group Co. will produce approximately 72 million mt this year in southern Cina, which makes it one of the country’s top six coal producers. Every day, a staggering number of shearers (35), both SL 300s and SL 750s, are mastering the challenging mining conditions, according to Eickhoff.

They acquired their first shearer in 2004, and recently Eickhoff delivered another four shearers, two SL 750s and two SL 300s, increasing Huainan’s machine population to 39 Eickhoff shearers. The SL 750’s 1.894 MW of installed power features the extra punch for even higher seam applications, according to Eickhoff.