Dust Control Technology’s smallest fan-driven atomizer, the DustBoss DB-30, has a flow rate of about 2.2 gpm with its standard nozzle configuration. When equipped with the new Midget nozzles, the unit cuts that flow to just 3 quarts per minute. In a typical application for the Midget nozzles, a mine ordered a standard DB-30 and mounted it in an elevated location at a mining site. The dust suppression was effective, but after running the machine for some time, they found that walkways and handrails were getting wet, creating the potential for a fall hazard. With crushers operating just below, the consequences could have been disastrous. Midget nozzles from DCT are made from solid brass construction with an 80º spray angle, sized for a standard 1/8 inch NPT pipe connection. www.dustboss.com