Phillystran said its X-Tremaloop connection is the first synthetic rope where the soft eyes can open and close. It uses a simple knot/eye connection enabling single hand use. The opening and closing of connection hardware or even the hardware itself can be eliminated when using the X-Tremaloop.

Made from a 12-strand X-Tremaline (high modulus polyethylene) rope, X-Tremaloop has an incredibly high weight-to-strength ratio. Compared to a steel wire sling of the same length and capacity, X-Tremaloop will match the breaking strength at only 15% of the weight. With the X-Tremaloop, a quick connection can be made without the need to open heavy hardware such as a shackle or a pin in a truck. In fact, feeding the X-Tremaloop through any smooth strongpoint with a D/d ratio greater than 1 will complete the connection.

Standard X-Tremaloop connections are available in 6-, 9- and 12-ft lengths with a working load limit of 5 to 90 metric tons (mt) or 11,000- to 143,000-lb strength capacity. Larger sizes available upon request.